Advantages of aluminum as a material

Aluminum profiles are very durable and light, which allows the construction of frames for large glazing. The plasticity of this material also enables the production of various shapes that can be tailored to most of our requirements. The forms can be narrow, so they fit into any type of room and decor, both inside and outside the building. Thanks to the use of special protective coatings (anodized or varnished), the durability of aluminum joinery to temperature, weather conditions and UV rays is increased. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry that it will deform under the influence of high temperature or change color when exposed to changing weather conditions. It also protects us from the action of fire to a much greater extent than wood, which increases the safety of the inhabitants of the house. Unlike, for example, wood, aluminum joinery does not require special maintenance and it is easy to keep it clean. It is enough to clean it from time to time from dust and dirt, using standard chemicals. However, the use of vinegar or substances containing acid in them is not recommended.

Aluminum structures are available in a wide range of colors and textures, so we do not have to limit ourselves only to the classic, metallic finish. There are forms that imitate wood
or combine both materials, so we can use them both in modern buildings and traditional homes. Another advantage is that such woodwork does not require periodic renewal of its surface.

It is commonly believed that the insulation properties of aluminum profiles are not very good, however, the newest multi-chamber solutions are filled with thermal insulation materials. They have the form of plastic-fiber thermal breaks, as well as gaskets placed at the joints of the frames, thanks to which the windows achieve very good heat transfer parameters. Therefore, our house will be protected against unnecessary heat loss and will maintain a comfortable temperature.