Design and usability of aluminum windows

Nowadays, aluminum profiles do not have to be a clunky, metal frame that does not fit into residential construction in any way. Aluminum is a very plastic material, which gives countless possibilities when it comes to the profile design itself. This means that the designer can effectively choose the right solution for the intended concept. It is also worth noting that the care and maintenance of aluminum profiles is very simple. You only need to clean them regularly with water and detergents. However, you must remember to avoid using detergents with the addition of vinegar or other acids in the composition.Moving on to profile finish, we have a very wide room for maneuver here. The old rule that you will not paint aluminum will not work 😊 We can choose from many shades, and even be tempted by an imitation of wood that faithfully reflects color and grain. The most popular, however, are more classic shades, such as, for example, dark gray or more and more often choosen black. The coating itself can be metallized, glossy or matte. Aluminum windows are very often chosen for buildings of urban architecture. They work brilliantly in modern buildings, but also in more subdued, minimalist or also industrial ones. They harmonize very well with facades in shades of gray, graphite, sandy yellows, as well as granite and slate. Along with technological progress, production lines are able to produce profiles with a very good heat transfer coefficient. This provides excellent protection against heat loss in the building, which is extremely important in today’s times of high heating costs. There are profiles on the market that meet very demanding certificates, for example Passive House. There are also entire product lines based on such energy-saving profiles – here we can mention the TI series from Reynaers and TM series from Yawal. Such profiles not only look very aesthetic, but also do not cause such important heat loss. You should also not forget the fact that aluminum profiles can be almost completely recycled. This is undoubtedly a plus in terms of ecology, which is also increasingly emphasized.