HS windows – what choice to make?

HS windows, also referred to as patio doors, are a popular solution used in the development of single-family houses and in apartments with a large terrace. What is their construction and what parameters are worth paying attention to? In this text, we will try to answer these questions.

A unique balcony in your apartment
Classic systems of balcony doors used in apartments and offices are slowly being replaced by efficient and comfortable to use windows based on the HS sliding system. The name derives from the terminology adopted in Germany (heben und schieben), which describes the movement of lifting and sliding the window sash when opening. With time, the name HST was adopted from the word Hebeschiebetüren (meaning lift and slide doors). Therefore, when we check the internet for more detailed information, we can meet these two terms.
Along with the increasing size of balconies and their transformation into full-size terraces, the need for a wide exit with large glazing and a low threshold increased among investors. Large-format glazing allows a large amount of light and warmth to enter the interior of the room. Bright rooms seem much larger visually, it also allows to fully enhance the beauty of light, pastel colors, which are more and more often used in interior decoration. The trend for bright and warm color interiors comes to us from sunny Spain and Italy, where the worship of the sun has reigned supreme in design for many years.

HS / HST windows – how does it work?
The operating principle of the HS / HST window system is simple. One window is installed permanently, while the other is moved so that when opened, both segments are in a parallel position to each other. Of course, it is possible for the terrace window to consist of more than one segment. In the case of an HS / HST window made of aluminum, we can obtain a very wide clear passage.

What should you know before buying?
The key to fully using the potential of HS / HST windows is proper preparation already at the stage of drawing the building plan by the architect. Installation of HS / HST systems should be carried out by an experienced team. It is extremely important to make an appropriate measurement, take into account the 20 cm layer of thermal insulation in the building and analyze the collision of the structure (especially in the case of corner structures). Therefore, when deciding on a specific lift and slide system, make sure that the company you use has the appropriate experience.
If you have questions about the use of HS / HST systems, ask our sales staff for advice. Thanks to their experience, they will help you choose the right system.